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What does ABS stand for? What is spinner luggage? Discover the answers to these questions and more in this glossary of common luggage terms. Are we missing a term? Contact us.

Definition of AttacheABS: A rigid plastic that is resistant to breaking, scratching, and wear.


Attaches: Generally these are hard sided, hinged business cases that are used to carry documents.


Ballistic Nylon: A tough nylon material originally developed for use in bulletproof vests. Very resistant to abrasions and tearing.


Camera Backpacks: Backpacks with specialized compartments designed to hold and protect cameras and camera accessories.


Carry On Luggage: Totes, luggage, backpacks, and duffels designed to be carried on board airplanes. Many are perfectly sized to meet airline requirements but be sure to check both the bag measurements and your airline’s baggage rules before you intend to travel.


Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags: Laptop bags designed to meet specific criteria that the TSA has developed to help travelers speed through airport security without removing their computers from their cases. Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag Criteria: 1. A designated laptop-only section 2. The laptop-only section completely unfolds to lie flat on the X-ray belt 3. No metal snaps, zippers, or buckles inside, underneath, or on top of the laptop-only section 4. No pockets on the inside or outside of the laptop-only section 5. Nothing packing in the laptop-only section other than the computer itself


Definition of Cosmetic CaseCosmetic Case: A case or bag designed to hold makeup and other cosmetics and toiletries while traveling.


Denier: A term referring to the size of the filament or yarn used in fabric. A higher denier means a thicker fabric.


Duffels: Bags with a large compartment and top carry handle designed to be versatile. Duffels work well as gym bags, luggage, carry-on luggage, and sports bags and can come with additional features including wheels and shoulder straps. Duffels are also sometimes referred to as duffel bags, duffles, and duffle bags.


Expandable Luggage: Luggage that unzips to create more packing space.


Fanny Pack: A bag worn on the waist designed to carry small items and daily essentials especially during travel, running sports, and hiking.


Garment Bags: Bags designed to protect and transport various garments (especially suits and dresses) during travel. Some may include additional features such as shoe pockets and toiletry pockets.


Hardside Luggage: Luggage made from harder, more durable materials including ABS, aluminum, and polypropylene.


In-line Skate Wheels: Just as the name suggests, developed for in-line skates, now used as luggage wheels for maneuverability.


Definition of Jacquard LuggageJacquard: Fabric where a pattern is directly weaved in or knitted in. Jacquard fabric often has a raised pattern effect.


Laptop Backpacks: Backpacks with padded compartments designed to hold and protect a laptop computer.


Laptop Sleeve: A padded laptop case that fits snugly around a computer and holds little other than the computer itself so that it can be carried in a larger bag such as a tote or backpack.


Luggage Handle Wraps: Material or bands that fit around the luggage handle for a more comfortable grip and easier identification at baggage claim.


Luggage Tags: Identification tags for luggage.


Nappa Leather: Soft, full grain leather made from unsplit animal skin – often sheep or lamb.


Packing Cubes: Cube-shaped bags designed to fit inside luggage and hold and protect clothing, shoes, and other small or large items. Packing cubes are great for preventing wrinkles, keeping organized, and fitting more clothing in each piece of luggage.


Pet Carriers: Bags designed to hold small pets like small dogs and small cats when traveling. Look for pet carriers that are cabin friendly.


Rollaboard (or Roll-a-board): A term coined by Travelpro but has come to refer to any wheeled luggage with a telescoping handle (particularly rolling carry on luggage).


Definition of Spinner LuggageSelf-Repairing Zippers: Zippers that still function even when a few teeth are missing.


Shoe Bags: Pouches or drawstring bags designed to hold shoes in luggage to protect them from being damaged and damaging other packed items.


Spinner Luggage: Upright suitcases with four wheels for easy movement in any direction.


Suede: Leather treated to produce a velvet-like finish.


Suiter: Luggage with a compartment or hanger designed to hold and prevent wrinkles in shirts, suits, and dresses.


Toiletry Kits: Bags that hold all your daily supplies when traveling. Types of toiletry kits include countertop kits, hanging cases, cosmetic bags, manicure sets, and shave kits.


Top Grain Leather: The top layer of leather (leather is split into multiple layers before it is used).


Travel Jewelry CaseTote: Large, double handled bag with an open top and open main compartment.


Travel Document Holders: Wallets and slim organizers designed to hold travel documents like passport, tickets, and ID.


Travel Jewelry Case: A pouch or bag designed to keep jewelry protected and organized during travel.



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Katrin 08/25/2016 at 2:18 pm

Finally, I got an explanation that confirms what I’ve deduced tote means. Thank you 😉 Nice idea, to write a luggage glossary, but I could think of a few more words that would fit nicely in the glossary!

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