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2013 Black Friday Deals

Black Friday 2013 is Friday, November 29.

Until then, you can find great savings in our Sale department. Check out our favorite deals below.



Black Friday Leather Handbag Sale
Sale Leather Handbags

Black Friday Trendy Handbag Sale
Sale Trendy Handbags

Black Friday Clutch Sale
Sale Clutches

Black Friday Designer Handbag Sale
Sale Designer Handbags


Black Friday Carry On Luggage Sale
Sale Carry On Luggage

Black Friday Designer Luggage Sale
Sale Designer Luggage

Black Friday Childrens Luggage Sale
Sale Children’s Luggage

Black Friday Hardside Luggage Sale
Sale Hardside Luggage

Laptop Bags

Black Friday Mens Laptop Bags Sale
Sale Men’s Laptop Bags

Black Friday Womens Laptop Bags Sale
Sale Women’s Laptop Bags

Black Friday Laptop Backpacks Sale
Sale Laptop Backpacks

Black Friday iPad Cases Sale
Sale iPad Cases


Black Friday School Backpack Sale
Sale School Backpacks

Black Friday Sale Hiking Backpacks
Sale Backpacking Backpacks

Black Friday Sale Rolling Backpacks
Sale Rolling Backpacks

Black Friday Womens Backpack Sale
Sale Women’s Backpacks

Other Deals

Black Friday Wallets Sale
Sale Wallets

Black Friday Sports Bag Sale
Sale Sports Bags

Black Friday Diaper Bag Sale
Sale Diaper Bags

Black Friday Jewelry Sale
Sale Jewelry


What is Black Friday?

The term Black Friday refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving and is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. While it’s not an official holiday, many people have the day off and choose to spend it at malls, in stores, and online. Why? Because Black Friday is one of the biggest days for sales and deals. Retailers tend to offer their best deals including doorbusters or “web busters” to draw people in.

“Black Friday” is said to have originated in reference to heavy traffic on that day, but more recent uses refer to the day that retailers start seeing a profit (go from in the red to in the black).

Some retailers choose to extend Black Friday for the entire week (and even the weekend after) to keep that excitement around holiday shopping going. If you don’t want to mess with the crowds on Black Friday itself, check online for these week-long deals from internet retailers.

While Black Friday is more of a shopping day at physical store locations, Cyber Monday (the Monday following Black Friday) is traditionally the biggest shopping day online. See eBags’ Cyber Monday deals.

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