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Want to know more about the passionate people behind the eBags blog? Read more about the authors below.

Current Authors

Bianca eBags Blog Bianca – Social Media/Marketing
I’m Bianca and I am the Social Media Manager for eBags.While I do love to be outside, I spend a significant amount of time with my friends and family shopping, traveling and having fun! This side of myself inspires me to experiment with style and pushes me to always look for new trends. My combined passion for travel and style allows me to share expert insight on some of the trendiest handbags, most functional outdoor gear and sensible luggage for your lifestyle!

Brooke SchoenmanGuest Blogger
Brooke Schoenman is the founder and editor of Her Packing List – a resource on packing and gear for female travelers. Brooke is a seasoned traveler, having acquired stamps in her passport from destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, and Guatemala to name a few. She blogs and writes for a living, and you can follow the Her Packing List related side of her life on Twitter, Facebook and PinterestJanine GelsingerGuest Blogger

Janine Gelsinger blogs about mom and tot style as the Editor of COUTUREcolorado Baby. When not writing, shopping, researching, or producing photo shoots, Janine can be found putting together puzzles and singing silly songs with her daughter Vivienne Grey. But you won’t catch her wearing yoga pants. You can read more about her favorite trends on the blog, see her stylish toddler’s outfits of the day on Instagram, peruse her inspired baby style finds on Pinterest, and get a peek into the nurseries and closets of chic Colorado moms on FacebookJoanna FurlongGuest Blogger

Joanna Brinjak Furlong is the marketing manager at CheapAir.com. She loves to travel and is a self-proclaimed foodie and wine aficionado. When she’s not in the office or dreaming of her next trip, Joanna can be found hiking in Los Angeles’ hills, whipping up a homemade meal or hitting a pilates class.

Previous Authors

Andrea eBags Blog AndreaIntern

I’m Andrea, I’m a senior at the University of Denver and a summer intern at eBags. I’m originally from Milwaukee, WI and came out to Colorado for the skiing. Although I love Colorado, I am a city girl at heart and plan on moving to New York or Chicago after I graduate in November. I am a handbag girl and can always find a reason to purchase another. I’m all about the classics and bags that can take me anywhere. My latest bag obsession is the Hobo International Lauren Clutch (in black of course). Its design is unbelievably practical, yet still classic and fabulous.Beth eBags BlogBethPhotography

If you ask me about the bag I’m carrying, I’ll tell you everything you’d ever want to know about it. As an eBags.com photographer, I’ve personally handled a large number of products on the site, so I know how they feel, how they’ll hold up over time, and how they fit. Some may call me obsessed, but I prefer to view myself as another well-informed customer.Brad eBags BlogBradMarketing

If I had to describe myself as a bag I would say I am a mix between my Dakine Heli-Pro Pack and my Kenneth Cole Columbian Messenger Bag. I am a self proclaimed outdoor enthusiast and adrenaline junkie with a touch of urban style. Although I am originally from Michigan (Go Wings!), I am now an official Colorado transplant, having just finished my degree at The University of Denver. If I’m not at work for eBags, you can probably find me skiing in Breckenridge, wakeboarding on Lake Dillion, or hanging out in Wash. Park with my chocolate lab Gunner. I try to live my life by this guiding principal: “Do what you love today, or else you’ll just be one day older when you do” – Warren MillerCourtney eBags BlogCourtneyPhotography

I believe in retail-therapy. I don’t believe that buying a handbag can fix all of life’s problems, but I must admit, it makes me feel good. Not to mention, getting it in the mail a few days later after much anticipation is like having a mini Christmas!!! I almost get a bit obsessed, tracking my package every day so I know when to be expecting it! With Photography being a hobby, and the great outdoors just a few miles away in Colorado, my favorite purchases are backpacks, messengers, camera bags, and gadget bags. Luckily for my budget, it takes a LOT for me to commit to the purchase of a handbag. That only happens 2-3 times a year if I am lucky, and when I find the giant but semi-trendy bag that I simply cannot life without. (giant because I keep EVERYTHING in my handbag.)Gina eBags BlogGinaIntern

If I’m carrying any bag you’ll usually see it on my back or rolling around behind me. I’m a backpack kind of girl and luggage is just my thing. The type of bag a person carries says a lot about their personality. And I usually like to think that my bag pegs me as the on-the-go adventurous type. (Thank you eBags for helping me identify my bag-type).

You can usually see me sporting a backpack on the slopes or while cruising around the city. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect backpack or suitcase to fit my traveling needs (Especially when I’m on-the-run with my Chinese Lion Dancing troupe.)

I’m a Colorado native with a love for the Chinatown streets of San Francisco. My perfect scenario would be cruising on a GSX-R 600 with my trusty OGIO on my back and the Bay-Area breeze ahead of me.Hannah eBags BlogHannahMerchandising

I am the ultimate “trendy but less spendy” fashionista, who is constantly battling between what I love and what I can afford. Finding the ultimate deal is my specialty. I am human though; there are times when the designer bags catch my eye (and my wallet). Mixing and blending designer style with my own is something that I love to do, and finding the ultimate handbag to match that style is my job! You probably won’t see me wearing all of the hottest new trends; I’m more of a classic meets eclectic style (combining a few key fashion items with some of my classic items). Let me show you the in’s and out’s of the handbag world and help you decide which handbag should be your next!Lisa eBags BlogLisaIntern

Hey there, my name’s Lisa and I’m a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, a sister of Kappa Alpha Theta and a slight newspaper nerd (it made me sad when my local paper started shrinking.) I love driving with the windows down, my music blaring and I usually end up getting caught car dancing by a cute guy in the truck next to me. I think the chocolate cupcakes at the Grand Lux Cafe could be used to seduce just about anyone and miss Scuba diving terribly. I also enjoy giving inanimate objects nicknames (houseplants, tattoos, etc.)

This summer I’m interning at eBags and love just how many things there are to choose from (although having a wish list of some 20-odd bags probably is not the best thing for my college-student budget…). You see, I’m one of those shoppers who will agonize between four or five options (style, color, price, etc.) before finally knocking it down to the “perfect” bag. I just got the Betseyville Snakin’ Around Barrel in pink and just the other night I realized the reason I like it so much is because the colors look like a mini-replica of a Colorado sunset.Shari eBags BlogShariMarketing

I’m Shari and I work in the Marketing department at eBags. I am not originally from Colorado but that doesn’t seem to have any impact on my style…except maybe flip flops on warmer days in the winter. Of course my favorite bags here are handbags, but you will probably see me blogging about many different things simply because working in marketing, I deal with a variety of products from handbags to luggage to backpacks to, well, everything we sell here.

When I started at eBags over 3 years ago, I would have described my style as classic. Totes were my big thing. Since then I’ve come to love glossy patents, beautiful prints, and funky embellishments. When I’m not working hard on the latest marketing project, you’ll find me playing my cello, playing with my two Beagles, writing, or out sightseeing in Colorado. My husband and I love to pick something on the map and go see what’s there. From the forgotten roadside attraction to the resort ski town, we’ve probably been there or it’s on the list.


Tbright eBags BlogTbrightIT

Tbright is a child of the pop era. Driven by his deranged idea of what is funny, that’s the words of his wife (almost verbatim actually), tbright works to incorporate his points of view into everything he does in life. His avid outdoorsmanship is fueled by his long walks in Kalimdor the whole time skirting by the Barrens and the awful chat! Tbright has worked at eBags for a little under a year and is currently pursuing the goal of getting 200 friends in Facebook. How he knows 200 people at all is a mystery, we’re pretty sure he’s making them up on Facebook and linking them back to his profile, but we have yet to confirm that.

He enjoys long nights coding his heart out, nothing is so romantic as the phrase “42” and “echo $HelloWorld;”. Deep inside he’s a strapping young hulk bursting to get out, it’s because of that strapping young hulk trying to burst out that he has seen a “swell” in his pant size as of late. Gravity is his enemy and Mtn Dew is his friend. His parents are constantly in touch with him as his familial technical support is free; though it does have a hidden cost of open mockery and laughter. If sarcasm was a weapon it’d be “epic”. He loves HOUSE, can’t believe they won’t bring back FireFly, and if Mr. Belvedere would come back that would be awesome!


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