5 Staples Every Female Traveler Should Have as We Move Into Fall


Summer has not quite ended yet, but we all know that fall is fast approaching. Our favorite blogs, shops and magazines are moving their focus to warm colors and cozy clothing, and travelers should be doing the same.

Why? Well we all know that weather in the shoulder seasons can be sporadic and unpredictable. One minute we can be basking in a warm 70 degree day, and the next we’ll be freezing in our flip flops, drenched in a chilling rain shower.

Sometimes it is hard to wrap our heads around the impending weather changes when traveling at the change of fall in the Northern Hemisphere, but there are just a few simple additions to our travel accessories that can help keep us on top of any weather situation.

Compact Umbrella – A cute and compact umbrella is an investment worth making when cold rain is often on the menu. Something like the convenient Knirps X1 in a cute polka dot print will do the trick. Reaching just 6.5” in length when stored away, this compact umbrella can be a constant in your purse or daypack.

Thick Scarf – A light and summery wrap won’t suffice. Start carrying a thicker scarf, of plush warm material, to bundle up tight on the cooler days. Even if you’re just wearing a light top, the extra impact from a nice scarf can make all the difference. Or, choose to carry a pashmina instead. These are practically blankets in themselves and can be wrapped around your entire upper body when a cold spell strikes. Plus, they tend to look pretty, too.

Another benefit of a good scarf is you can use it as a hood/hat in a pinch!

Chapstick – It’s so simple, but oh so necessary. When the weather changes from warm and humid to cool and windy, those lips will be chapped faster than you can say chapstick. We still recommend a good stick with SPF in it, but a little menthol can also be soothing for dry, chapped lips.

Merino socks – Notice how we didn’t mention gloves instead? Just like the neck, chest and hands, the feet are another place where cold is felt easily, yet it is often overlooked. While warming your hands inside your pashmina or scarf, your feet can maintain their normal comfortable temperature in a quality pair of merino socks. Even better is the fact that merino works well in all temperatures.

Water Resistant Bag – This could be a purse, a daypack, or a stowable bag you only bring out when needed. A water resistant design will help keep your belongings dry when there is the potential for fall rain. The Peak Season Stowable Duffel Bag by Crumpler is a great option since it folds up into a pouch that could be carried in your normal purse (depending on the type of handbag you prefer for travel) and then unfolded to hold everything if the weather turns south.

It’s all about being organized when you travel and prepared for any situation without having to pack your entire home in a suitcase. With this small list, you’ll be able to manage the changing of the seasons without a hitch. Happy travels!

About the Author: Brooke Schoenman is the founder and editor of Her Packing List – a resource on packing and gear for female travelers. Brooke is a seasoned traveler, having acquired stamps in her passport from destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, and Guatemala to name a few. She blogs and writes for a living, and you can follow the Her Packing List related side of her life on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Written by Brooke Schoenman of Her Packing List


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