9 Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Hair When You Travel

9 Reasons to Embrace Your Natural Hair When You Travel


When I ask the readers of my site what sorts of items they have trouble packing, time after time I hear the words: hair products. Hair dryers, flat irons, hair sprays, deep conditioners and all different kinds of brushes simply can’t be packed into a decently sized bag (well, they could, but that’s not what we’re about at Her Packing List). My response, on the other hand, often involves telling people to embrace their natural hair when they travel.

Here are 9 good reasons why:

  1. All those products and hair care appliances take up precious space, and they weigh a lot.
  2. Extra liquids and gels can be messy if they leak in your luggage. Opening up your suitcase to discover that nightmare can put a damper on your vacation.
  3. Some hotels and hostels will have hair dryers stocked and ready to go.
  4. You’re on vacation. Act like it!
  5. All that extra time spent doing hair could be spent sleeping, relaxing, reading, or lounging by the pool.
  6. Sometimes your hair needs a break from harsh hair care tactics.
  7. If you spend a lot of time outside sightseeing and exploring, you’ll probably tie your hair back anyway.
  8. You will never see those people ever again.
  9. You look beautiful the way you are!

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you to leave those extra hair care products at home and embrace your natural hair on the road, there are some things you can do that will lighten the load and make packing a bit more bearable.

Invest in travel sized hair appliances.

The Travelon hair dryer comes with a dual voltage converter which will help keep you from blowing out the power in your hotel in other parts of the world, while also cutting back on the space (and weight) of normal dryers.

Curling irons and flat irons also come in convenient travel sizes to help you with your packing dramas. The Travel Smart by Conair curling iron comes with a 1 inch barrel and spans just over 9 inches in length. With a 30 second heat-up time and dual voltage setting, this little appliance can’t be beat. If you already have a travel hair appliance of your own, just be sure to also bring a heat-resistant travel pouch. eBags offers a number of those for both flat irons and curling irons to choose from.

Cut back on the bottles.

If you must bring along a hair spray, deep conditioner, hair oil and anything else for your locks that come in potentially large and leaky bottles, you should definitely transfer only what you need to small travel sized bottles (the kind that don’t leak!). We’ve discussed this before in our packing toiletries for carry-on post. When you travel for a few days to a couple weeks, the necessity to carry entire bottles of hair product is just not there.

Take advantage of what the hotel offers.

We understand that the little shampoos and conditioners aren’t always the best at hotels, but how long are you traveling for, and how often do you wash your hair? If you’re going away for a long weekend, or even just a week, you might be able to manage a few washes without your normal product. Or, maybe you could bring along the conditioner but leave the shampoo.

Also, don’t forget that many hotels and hostels have hair dryers for use by guests.

About the Author: Brooke Schoenman is the founder and editor of Her Packing List – a resource on packing and gear for female travelers. Brooke is a seasoned traveler, having acquired stamps in her passport from destinations such as Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Russia, Malaysia, and Guatemala to name a few. She blogs and writes for a living, and you can follow the Her Packing List related side of her life on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

Written by Brooke Schoenman of Her Packing List

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