A Brief History of Rolling Luggage

Diane Von Furstenberg Retro 20 Rolling Transit Bag Although the wheel dates back to pre-history, modern rolling luggage did not appear on the scene until around 1989. The story goes that Northwest airline pilot Bob Plath was tired of lugging his heavy overnight bag and flight bag through airports around the world. Being a creative kind of guy, Plath spent weekends working on a wheeled “pilot” bag in his garage. The new wheeled bag was an immediate success. Whenever and wherever Plath’s wheeled luggage rolled on the scene, everyone wanted one. Bob Plath’s company TravelPro was born and the rest is history. Before too long, TravelPro held 15 patents on a diverse line of rolling luggage. Other luggage companies quickly caught on and went wheeled.

Today it’s rare to see someone checking into a hotel or trudging through the airport toting heavy baggage. Ergonomic wheeled luggage saves back and neck strain. Rolling bags have changed the way the world travels. Got wheels? If not, it is probably time to invest in a new set of rolling luggage.

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