A Guide to Color Blocking feat. Kate Spade New York

If you haven’t already noticed, summer fashion has been outright dominated by the new trend of, “color blocking.” Color blocking is a styling technique that that pairs multiple colors in one outfit to complement one another and the body of their suitor.

Due to its widespread popularity, color blocking has been repeatedly integrated into more than just clothing. Most recently, we are seeing this trend in decorating, party planning and our personal favorite, accessorizing! While it is usually the brave fashionistas that take color blocking to the max and are blocked head-to-toe, it is actually an easy technique for any style lover to manage.

This simple guide exhibits how to color block at any level and demonstrates how to pair the bag you love with your bright and bold outfit.

Expert Level Color Blocking

We get it, you love to let your true colors show, literally. You have mastered your pastel and bold color schemes and want to take your outfit to the next level; a subtle change to your makeup palate could be just the trick. Brighten up that tired fuchsia lipstick routine, and pair it with a red-orange hue. We love this top and bottom lip color paring and the arrangement is just enough to take your style from the streets to the runway. color-blocked-lips

If you are still thirsting for another outlet to display your color blocking expertise, we recommend adding a bright bag to your outfit. This amazing tote by, Kate Spade New York, brings the eye from the top to the bottom of your outfit easily and adds a polished touch to your routine.

A Happy Medium

Extreme color blocking is not the only avenue to exhibit your chic sense of style. For this, we recommend some simple pairing techniques. While you may feel that black pencil skirt in your closet is getting tired and those khaki capris are anything but chic, we have found that pairing them with bright blouses and colorful tops adds that kick and spice to your outfit that you may have been missing. For these combinations we love neon blouses. When paired with khaki capris, and a bright belt, your outfit maintains the comfortable style you love, but gains a flirty summer edge.

We find that this crossbody by, Kate Spade New York, serves as a great addition to your outfit. This bag allows you to display a little more of your personality and is timeless enough to wear over and over again

Easy does it

You have seen that color blocking is all the rage and have shopped retail stores and shoe outlets enough times to realize that hey, you kinda like this new trend. For that, we want to get you going with colors that will complement and comfort you. Pastels are a solid go-to for any fashion lover. They give your outfit a pretty and appeasing touch of color and never overwhelm. By adding a mint green, light pink and/or lilac purple to your pant, skirt, khaki or jean bottoms, you immediately freshen up your look. The key to this is to search for solid pastels. Printed pastels wear your look out and don’t necessarily embody this color blocking trend you want to try. So keep it simple and search for the most-plain shirt you can find. You will be happily surprised by how the color makes your outfit items flow and brightens up your day!

As if our help wasn’t enough. We want to let you in on a last secret, add color to your bag! You don’t need to buy a new purse or handbag if that isn’t to your liking, but we suggest you remove those cards and cash from that worn out wallet and give them a new home! This clutch/wallet by Kate Spade New York combines classic style with fresh color and is just what you need to finish your pretty in pastels look.kate-spade-wallet

Written by Bianca Rossi

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  1. Missy · 06/22/2013

    This Color Blocking guide is super helpful! I definitely have a hard time with this, and this article makes it easy.

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