Bags Made in the USA

Bags Made in the USAIn today’s global economy, you never know where products are made. Well, that’s not the case with these brands because they all produce bags made in the USA. Whether you’re interested in buying American made bags, supporting local craftspeople and artisans, or you simply want to do your part to contribute to the American economy and support American jobs, rest assured that when you buy handbags, backpacks, totes, diaper bags, and more from these companies, you’re buying products made right here in the good ol’ USA.


Handbags Made in USA

For some shoppers it’s not enough to know what materials a handbag is made of. Many want to know where the handbag was made. Well, if you’re one of these shoppers and you’re looking for handbags made in America, you’re in luck. Here are some brands on that offer handbags and purses made in the USA.

Maruca Design
Maruca Design - Handbags Made in USA
Betmar New York
Betmar New York - Handbags Made in USA
Flying Daisies
Flying Daisies - Handbags Made in USA

Cinda B
Cinda B - Handbags Made in USA

Leatherock - Handbags Made in USA

Brynn Capella
Brynn Capella - Handbags Made in USA


Messenger Bags, Duffels, Laptop Bags, and Backpacks Made in USA

For something functional and from America, check out these brands that offer messenger bags, duffel bags, and backpacks made in the USA.

Green Guru
Green Guru Bags Made in USA
Some Filson
Filson Made in USA
Some Jack Georges
Jack Georges Made in USA


Kids Bags and Diaper Bags Made in USA

Now you can support your country and carry all kids things with kids bags and diaper bags made in the USA.

Hoohobbers - Diaper Bags Made in USA
Sally Spicer
Sally Spicer - Diaper Bags Made in USA
DadGear - Kids Bags Made in USA


Travel Bags and Luggage Made in USA

While you’re traveling in these 50 states, why not carry your belongings in travel bags and luggage made in the USA?

Some Hartmann
Hartmann - Luggage Made in USA
VinniBag - Luggage Made in USA


Accessories Made in USA

Other brands at eBags that offer products made in the USA.

Carved Made in USA
GoCodes Made in USA
Flote Made in USA

Betmar New York
Betmar New York Made in USA

Woodchuck Made in USA

Evocateur Made in USA


Written by Shari Mathias


  1. Patty Lay · 07/07/2010

    I really like to see products from this country being advertized. It is good for the economy.

    Keep it up!

  2. Leesa G. · 08/28/2010

    It’s really difficult to find products “made in the USA”! What have we done to ourselves? I’m so glad to find your site. Thank you!!!

  3. aishah · 05/16/2011

    can i purchase these handbags from malaysia?

  4. Shari · 05/19/2011

    We do partner with several companies that can help with international shipments. Please see their sites for more information.

  5. D.Putnam · 10/05/2011

    On your list of bags made in the U.S. you did not list the Ameribag. My Ameribag has a logo on the front pocket flap. I did not see it on the bags on your website.
    Are your bags the authentic Ameribag?

  6. Shari · 10/05/2011

    We do sell authentic AmeriBag bags. All bags we sell on eBags are authentic bags.

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