BBQ Essentials You Never Knew You Needed

With Memorial Day around the corner, barbecue season is upon us. It’s time to get out the grill, stock up on snacks and beverages, and invite the friends over. In addition to these items, there are additional BBQ essentials that can help make your next cookout a smashing success. Check out some of our favorites – many of which are BBQ essentials you never knew you needed.

Picnic Time BBQ Apron Tote Picnic Time BBQ Apron Tote: This apron and BBQ tool holder in one is perfect for the grill master in all of us. The set includes the tote that unfolds into an apron, spatula, tongs, fork, and even a barbecue mitt and chef’s hat. It’s the perfect way to keep all your tools within easy reach while protecting your clothing from the occasional splatter or spill. At just $40, it also makes a great Father’s Day gift.
Picnic Plus Essex Dish CaddyPicnic Plus Essex Dish Caddy: Food is a necessity at any barbecue, but so are plates and silverware. Afterall, you need something to hold, cut, and serve the food. Instead of simply stacking plates and eating utensils at the end of a table, why not display them in a lovely dish caddy? The Picnic Plus Essex Dish Caddy accommodates a complete table setting for 4 people (perfect for the family barbecue) including 4 hand woven willow baskets for utensils and a strong steel frame for holding plates and napkins.
Picnic Plus Tub Cooler Picnic Plus Tub Cooler: A cooler is a must for keeping drinks cool at barbecues, but here’s one that is just a bit more handy than your average plastic bin. The Picnic Plus Tub Cooler holds over 72 cans, is fully insulated, and has a leakproof liner. It sets up and folds in seconds and keeps cold beverages within arms reach.
Picnic Plus Beverage Can HoldersPicnic Plus Beverage Can Holders: Picture this: you’re playing a great game of badminton and you suddenly find that you are thirsty. Do you stop to run over to a table across the yard to get a drink? Well, with the Picnic Plus Beverage Can Holder, you don’t need to. This can holder is designed to sit in the grass and hold your soda can or glass bottle so that it is never far when you’re enjoying games or relaxing on the lawn. The Picnic Plus Beverage Can Holders come in a set of 2 for just $24.99 – a great deal for a product that solves such a common problem.
Picnic Plus Wine Glass Lanyard Set of 2 Picnic Plus Wine Glass Lanyard Set of 2: Finally a solution to not having enough hands to hold your drink and your food. These wine glass holders are designed to be worn around your neck so your drink is close at hand but your hands are free to eat food, shake hands, fill up your plate at the buffet, and more. Great for parties, wine tasting events, and of course barbecues.
Picnic Plus Cooladio Picnic Pak CoolerPicnic Plus Cooladio Picnic Pak Cooler: It’s a cooler. It’s a radio. It’s a Cooladio! Yep, you heard right. This bag is a cooler and an AM/FM radio in one. The radio also has an audio input and included cable for iPods, MP3 players, and CD players. Now you can take your drinks and your tunes with you to any barbecue whether it’s in your backyard or the local park.
Written by Shari Mathias

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  1. The Hot Gift Guys · 06/15/2010

    The radio in the cooler is the greatest. I love it! You can keep your drinks cool, and listen to your favorite tunes. What a great idea.

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