“JET SET” An Exploration of Movable Art

eBags and Super Ordinary Gallery, have teamed up to bring an unprecedented art exhibit to Denver International Airport. Aptly named JET SET: An Exploration of Movable Art, the exhibit will feature original works by 12 Colorado-based artists. Though the style and subject matter will vary dramatically, all the pieces will share one common element: they will all employ the eBags EXO Hardside Spinner Carry-On suitcase as their “canvas.” eBags EXO Hardside Spinners were recently named among “The Year’s Best Gear” for luggage in the Summer 2012 Outside Magazine Buyer’s Guide.

The 12 participating local artists have been carefully selected by Josh Wills, owner of Denver’s Super Ordinary Gallery, located in the hip Riverfront North (RiNo) area. “As a gallery owner, I’m exposed to an incredible variety of Denver’s artistic talent. I’m thrilled to have this chance to share the Mile High City’s diversity with the traveling public.” Wills hand-picked the JET SET artists for their aesthetics, their versatility and their potential for successfully translating their style to a piece of rolling luggage. “I wanted to be sure that the works are universally appealing—and each of our participating artists can deliver.” Artists includes Scot Lefavor, John Vogel, Sandi Calistro, Melanie Pruitt, Amanda Marie Ploegsma, Andrew Hoffman, Chris Huth, Debbie Clapper, Harikrishnan Panicker, Rob Mack, Deepti Nair, and Mike Graves.

JET SET: An Exploration of Movable Art will be installed this Fall, at the Community Cases located on level 5 of Jeppesen Terminal, in the southeast corner, next to Southwest Airlines Baggage Claim 9 at Denver International Airport, and will be on display through January 2013. “Part of the wonder of travel is exposure to local culture,” said eBags Co-founder, SVP Peter Cobb. “We’re proud of our Denver heritage, and welcome the opportunity to showcase our city’s creativity through art. And since we designed the sturdy ‘canvas’ ourselves, we know each piece will have real staying power.”

Amanda Marie Untitled

Amanda Marie

Artist: Amanda Marie


Medium: Spray paint and stencils

Artist Bio: An American painter and Stencilist, Amanda Marie Ploegsma has been living and painting in Colorado since 2001. She attended the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and has exhibited extensively in Denver, the US and Europe. Drawing upon illustrations and characters reminiscent of iconic mid 20th century children’s books, Amanda Marie Ploegsma, better known simply as Amanda Marie, has co-opted a homogenized depiction of an ideal Modern American childhood to her own contemporary devices. Using spray paint and stencils to reproduce her main character’s ad infinitum, a white, well-groomed boy and girl child, she plays on the sameness and ubiquity of this instantly recognizable representation of wholesome American innocence. The modified kids in Amanda Marie’s artwork, with a distinct resemblance to the artist herself, are forever caught ungrounded and out of context, hovering in space, blasted by expressionist splatters, floating within geometric diagrams, and encountering surreal scenarios well beyond the simple comfort of seeing spot run.



Andrew Hoffman Oh The Places Youll Go

Andrew Hoffman

Artist: Andrew Hoffman

Title: “Oh, the places you’ll go.”

This piece conveys the optimistic feeling and the sense of wonder and excitement that an individual gets before they embark on an adventure that requires travel. The icons are inspired by airport signage and words come from a Dr. Seuss book. The materials I used were enamel sign-painters’ paint and a paint marker.

Artist Bio: Andrew Hoffman is an artist and designer that lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He was born in Denver in 1984 and grew up in Bailey, a small Colorado mountain town. He works as a designer Amélie Company Advertising and teaches in the communication design department at Metro State University.



Chris Huth Untitled

Chris Huth

Artist: Chris Huth


Medium: Acrylic

Description: Inspired by the skulls of frykids and balloon animals.

Artist Bio: Chris Huth is an illustrator and screen printer in Denver Colorado, but he would rather be swimming.



Debbie Clapper Moving Forward

Debbie Clapper

Artist: Debbie Clapper

Title: “Moving Forward”

Medium: Spraypaint and sign painters paint. A simple pattern study in movement.

Artist Bio: I create works of art which challenge the viewer to go beyond surface level, delving deeper into the piece, allowing the art to reflect their own life experiences. Without the aid of a ruler, I create hand drawn, imperfect patterns which symbolize the importance of breaking out of routine – welcoming mistakes and new encounters into our existence.



Deepti Nair Flutterby

Deepti Nair

Artist: Deepti Nair

Title: “Flutterby”

Medium: Acrylic paints and markers

Description: Flutterby is inspired by my childhood and my first trip to the airport. I was in awe of the place and all the planes which would land and take off like little butterflies. The numerous people, the emotions and the whole experience of reaching your destination and meeting your loved ones. The inspiration also comes from the paper planes at the DIA, that greet you when you get off the terminal shuttle and gives you that warm feeling of being home. It always makes me smile.

Artist Bio: Deepti Nair is currently based out of Denver, Colorado where she keeps the analytical side of her brain active as an Interaction Designer. She spends her free time creating art, obsessing over her sketch book, doodling and bringing her childhood stories and imaginary furry friends to life. She believes in the idea that you need to feel the paint in your hands to connect with the art, and her paint splattered jeans stands testimony to that fact. She loves working with traditional mediums and is currently obsessed with paper and paper cut illustrations.



Harikrishnan Panicker Waiting For Lift Off

Harikrishnan Panicker

Artist: Harikrishnan Panicker

Title: “Waiting for Lift Off”

Description: As human beings have evolved, we have devised faster ways to get things done including travel. We can now jet set from one end of the world to the other in hours, and have begun the journey towards space. But every now and then there are glitches and delays. Waiting for Lift off is for those precious moments when we wait in transit, when time ceases to go slow or even stop, when we get time to ponder over petty things in life, introspecting, retrospection, making hard decisions, meeting new people, smiling, sleeping, reading..all while waiting to get back in the chaotic norm we are used to.

Medium: Acrylic paints and markers

Artist Bio: Harikrishnan Panicker is a Denver based graphic designer/ illustrator. He did his Masters in Design at the Industrial Design Center, IIT Bombay and then worked with MTV India where he was the senior graphic designer and created designs for channels like MTV, Vh1 and NICK. Currently a freelance illustrator in Denver, Colorado, he spends his time experimenting with printmaking, screen printing and working for clients like MTV World, Nickelodeon, White Canvas and Invisible Rabbit. In his spare time he collects and customizes vinyl toys, is obsessed with drawing monsters, screen prints, rides his bike, secretly aspires to be in space and works on his super powers. He can keep quiet in 17 languages including Swahili and Parseltongue & can move at an exceptionally slow pace emulating a sloth practicing tai chi!.



John Vogel Untitled

John Vogl

Artist: John Vogl


Artist Bio: John Vogl runs the Bungaloo, a small illustration and design outfit, all by his lonesome, from his sunny home in Denver, CO. All of his work is illustrated by hand, with love, care, and tears.



Melanie Pruitt Hope Wasted In The Uncalm

Melanie Pruitt

Artist: Melanie Pruitt

Title: “Hope Wasted in the Uncalm”

Inspiration: Crowds–I tend to stand on the outside and view what is around me.

Materials: Copies of work, Acrylic Coat, Spray paint, Decoupage, Ink Pen

Artist Bio: Rural southwestern Nebraska is where Melanie Pruitt was born and raised. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Fort Hays State University. Denver, Colorado is now her home. Melanie finds solace in studying the beauty of human history. The details of its emotional complexity to the organic patterns of the Rocky Mountains that surround her inspire an obsessive love of line, form, and movement. These intricacies translate both realistically and abstractly into her creative process



Mike Graves My Deer Boy

Mike Graves

Artist: Mike Graves

Title: “My Deer Boy”

Description: I wanted to paint something that had something to with our state, so a deer seemed natural. I used spray paint and acrylics on suitcase itself.

Artist Bio: Mike Graves has been arting FOREVER. He is a painter, illustrator, screenprinter and a custom toy designer. Mike has shown his collective works in Hawaii, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Phoenix, Chicago and numerous galleries in Colorado.



Rob Mack Catamount

Rob Mack

Artist: Rob Mack

Title: “Catamount”

Medium: Recycled wood, spray paint, and enamel

Description: I chose the Mountain Lion as my subject matter for this piece because they are one of the best traveled mammals in Colorado and they are amazing creatures. I’ve converted this piece of luggage into a protective crest for the adventurous traveler.

Artist Bio: I live in the mountains outside of Denver. I draw inspiration from the forest and animals that surround my home, as well as from my dusty collection of old books, vividly colored album covers, and random artifacts. I have always been a big daydreamer, whether I’m commuting to work on country roads or walking through the forest, this is the time when all of the noise of the day collides with my natural surroundings and gels into concepts for my work.



Sandi Calistro Untitled

Sandi Calistro

Artist: Sandi Calistro


Artist Bio: “Beauty is never simple in the work of Sandi Calistro, and for all the strength she infuses her usually-female subjects with there is also danger, vulnerability, and pain beneath the alluring veneer. Her examination of femininity is fearless, a sharp contrast to the false positivism found in some circles, and incorporates a galaxy of open symbols and metaphors to contrast and heighten the assured
linework. Calistro works tendrils of paint and ink into the growing chasms between expectation and reality, and in addition to her explorations of gender she exposes the disconnect between the modern consciousness and the natural world, where living creatures and the earth itself are but afterthoughts to trivial things we imbue with absurd importance. Somewhere between the menaced and the menacing, the tragic and the wonderful, the art of Sandi Calistro presents itself to the viewer as both open-ended riddle and self-contained fairy tale.”



Scot Lefavor Stay Classy

Scot Lefavor

Artist: Scot LeFavor

Title: “Stay Classy”

Artist Bio: A native of the southern shores of Boston, Massachusetts, Lefavor studied graphic design and printmaking at the Hartford Art School in Connecticut. Having spent summers in Colorado during his college years, his love of the area influenced his decision to move to Colorado in 2001 and to pursue his artistic endeavors here. Upon moving to Boulder in 2002, he soon co-owned and operated the late Gallery Sovereign from 2002 to 2004. Scot quickly became a part of the emerging Boulder and Denver art scene and has shown extensively in the Denver area and beyond. Lefavor’s style is strongly rooted in traditional sign painting and typography. He is heavily influenced by contemporary street art, advertising and the pop art movement of the 60’s. Scot’s work tends to be highly narrative and emotionally charged. He draws directly from his personal experiences and current socio-economic trends and events to create his narratives.




The Art & Culture Program at Denver International Airport enhances passenger experience with over one dozen temporary exhibitions each year. DIA collaborates with museums, cultural institutions and arts organizations to present the highest quality two- and three-dimensional work. Home to a renowned collection of public art, funded by the City and County of Denver’s “one percent for art” requirement, DIA’s Public Art Program features twenty-eight site-specific sculptures, murals and other installations. For more information please call 303-342-2521 or visit

Written by Tran


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  3. Karla Caraway · 12/22/2012

    Kudos to Denver International Airport, Super Ordinary Gallery, and e-Bags. You are all to be commended for developing such a great idea. As an artist myself, and a public art teacher, I love to see the promotion of quality original art. A good idea all the way around. (Ha! Luggage pun!) Thank you!

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