Gifts For People Who Love To Zumba

One of the hottest trends in fitness today is Zumba. If you aren’t familiar with what Zumba is, it is a Latin-inspired fitness program that combines elements of dance and aerobics, incorporating choreography from a variety of dance styles including salsa, hip-hop, samba, and merengue among others. Zumba is so popular that it has even been the central concept for video games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii.

If you are Zumba enthusiast or you know someone who is, you might be wondering what would make great Zumba gift this holiday. You’ll probably want something that the recipient can use while they Zumba and perhaps something that would enhance the experience. You’ll also most likely want something more unique than a Zumba at home DVD (especially if they’ve already got several). In an effort to help you find something thoughtful this season, we put our heads together and came up with some ideas below that would make great gifts for people who love to Zumba.

Gym Bags - Gifts for People Who Love to Zumba
Gym Bags

Essential Carryall for the Gym
Water Bottles - Gifts for People Who Love to Zumba
Water Bottles

Stay Hydrated in Style
Travel Towels - Gifts for People Who Love to Zumba
Travel Towels

Towel To Go
Sports Totes - Gifts for People Who Love to Zumba
Sports Totes

Cute Alternative to the Duffel
Cosmetic Bags - Gifts for People Who Love to Zumba
Cosmetic Bags

Organize Makeup in your Gym Bag
Jewelry Travel Cases - Gifts for People Who Love to Zumba
Jewelry Travel Cases

Keep Jewelry Secure while Working Out

Written by Shari Mathias


  1. Lynda · 11/13/2011

    Does anyone know roughly the total calories the you use in a typical zumba exercise period , say 6 mins. I am attempting to build a fitness program incorporating Zumba

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