Give Green, Live Green – Eco-Friendly Holiday Tips

Sure, Earth Day has come and gone until next year. But The Holidays are coming up and there’s no more perfect time to be green and live green. And no I don’t mean because green is one of the traditional colors of the season. I’m talking about repurposing, recycling, and reusing.

According to National Geographic, between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans throw away an extra million tons of garbage each week. This additional trash includes holiday wrapping, packaging, cards, food, paper plates and napkins, party decorations, bottles and cans, and more. Help cut down on the trash during The Holidays and the rest of the year with these simple eco-friendly tips:

Recycle Your Tree: Instead of taking up space in a landfill, recycled trees can be ground up into wood chips which an be used as mulch.

Low-Energy Lights: Love to deck the halls with lights? Look for lights made with LEDs which are 90 percent more efficient than traditional lights.

Send e-Cards or Eco-Friendly Cards: Sending eCards this holiday season won’t waste a single tree. If you still want to send a physical card, look for cards printed on 100% recycled paper or tree-free cards.

Travel Eco-Friendly: If you are going to fly for the holidays, you could consider purchasing carbon offsets. Alternatively, if you plan to take a vacation during The Holidays, consider eco-tourism.

Party Green: Avoid disposable products when entertaining guests. If you have to use disposable plates and napkins, consider products from recycled materials.

Make Your Own Decorations: Make eco-friendly decorations such as strung popcorn, decorations made of pine cones, homemade candles, and wreaths made from evergreens and other natural materials.

Give Green: Give eco-friendly gifts this holiday. There are tons of options from eco-friendly handbags to earth-friendly backpacks at eBags.

Global Elements Recycled Plastic Bags Handbag Eco Friendly Handbag Shop for eco-friendly handbags including the Global Elements Recycled ‘Plastic Bags’ Handbag pictured here.
Picnic Plus Eco Natural 2 Person Picnic Basket Picnic baskets make wonderful gifts and now Picnic Plus offers a collection of eco-friendly picnic baskets made from 100% all natural and renewable resources.
Bellino G-Tech Solar Laptop Backpack Giving someone a cell phone or iPad this year? Why not also give them a way to charge those electronics while on the go. Solar backpacks and bags harness the power of the sun to charge cell phones, MP3 players, cameras, and laptops and are perfect for city or mountain use.
Instinctive Bags Diaper Backpack Eco Friendly Diaper Bag New parents can also get in on the eco-friendly scene with earth-friendly diaper bags. The Instinctive Bags Diaper Backpack pictured here is made from recycled material.
Mobile Edge Women's Eco Laptop Tote You can’t carry a laptop easily without a laptop bag. So if you’re giving someone a laptop this year, give them an eco-friendly laptop bag like this one from Mobile Edge.
Heys USA Eco Leaves 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set Whether you give it away as a gift or you take it along on your eco-friendly holiday vacation, earth-friendly luggage is perfect during The Holidays. This 3 piece set from Heys is made from recycled plastics.
ecogear Kids Panda Eco-Pack Backpack Don’t leave the kids out. Here’s an eco-friendly backpack for kids from ecogear. Or give them the ecogear Kid’s Gorilla Eco-pack Messenger.


Written by Shari Mathias


  1. Emily · 10/14/2009

    This mesage is for Shari; I love your holiday tips and was wondering if you would mind if I posted them on my website? We are an eco-conscious salon in CT.

  2. Lauren Wright · 10/11/2010

    i love to buy eco-friendly products like mats, seat covers and also garbage bags~’,

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