Go Green with Reusable Shopping Bags

In the United States alone, over 380 billion plastic bags are used each year. Only 1-2% of those bags are recycled. The danger to the environment is far-reaching: the quality of our soil, marine life, and even our food chain can be degraded by the use of plastic bags. Earth AxxessoriesDespite these facts, there is uplifting news. Many grocery retailers are providing incentives to bring your own reusable bags. Many stores offer 5 cents off for every bag you bring, others charge you 5 cents for every plastic grocery bag you use. To be both cost effective and environmentally-friendly, I opt for reusable shopping totes. eBags has many to offer, and you can start by looking at our selection of all plastic bag alternatives.

eBags eToteAmong this selection, I’ll point out a few of my favorites. First is this reusable tote from Earth Axxessories (shown right). I love the straw texture and the “fantastic not plastic” message. The eBags eTote (shown left) is a great shoppigng companion and comes in sets of three. Another tote I love is the Eagle Creek Packable Shopper Tote. There is also a baggallini collection of shopping totes that come in multiple sizes. Check out the sizes and colors here. Reusable shopping bags are a great way to help the environment, and they are so easy to use. Please pick up a few and do your part to help the environment!

Written by Sarah

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  1. Corie · 04/29/2011

    The danger to the environment is far-reaching the quality of our soil marine life, and even our food chain can be degraded by the use of plastic bags.

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