How should you clean a fabric handbag?

Here’s the good news: Most fabric handbags are amazingly durable; able to endure a lot of wear and tear. They are pre-treated to resist stains and are water-resistant. However, when an accident happens or your fabric handbag succumbs to a little daily dirt, don’t despair.

Fabric cleaning experts stress the importance of using the right treatment for the right fabric. Always test clean an inconspicuous spot such as the bottom on the bag before taking drastic action. Experts also recommend cleaning the entire bag clean rather than concentrating on spot cleaning to prevent water marks. A soft, unformed cotton handbag can often be hand washed and stuffed with non-dyed tissue paper to help retain the shape as it air dries. Some fabric bag manufacturers recommend hand dry cleaning on fabric handbags, especially those made from wool, suede, canvas or nylon. Look for removable trim and hardware before cleaning. Finally, before attempting to clean any type of fabric tote or fabric purse, check manufacturer recommendations for maintaining your fabric handbag.

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