How To Identify Your Luggage Faster

Have you ever found yourself at the baggage claim carousel, staring at the sea of black suitcases, wondering which one is yours? You bend down and move several bags to read the luggage tag only to find out it doesn’t belong to you. While many travelers these days prefer to carry on, this is still an all too common scenario. Afterall, it’s nearly impossible to use only carry-on luggage when you go on long vacations, ski trips, and family getaways.

Rockland Luggage 20 inch The Bullet Hardside Spinner Carry-OnWant to avoid this frustrating situation? Here are some ways you can help identify your luggage faster and easier the next time you check it.


  1. Use colorful luggage. One of the easiest ways to identify your luggage at baggage claim is if it isn’t black. Black is one of the most common luggage colors. Even blue and gray these days are becoming just as common so avoid these as well. Consider something in green, orange or pink or, even better, take a look at what’s available in fashion luggage and designer luggage for something that truly stands out.

  3. Attach different luggage tags. If you already have luggage in a common color and don’t want to buy a new set, then the next best thing to help you spot your luggage quickly is to use luggage tags. Luggage tags, as you know, are important for identifying luggage because of the information they contain. However, tags can also help you find your luggage if they are unique in some way – colorful, different shaped, patterned, etc. If your suitcase came with tags, chances are they match which means the tags will be just as difficult to notice as your luggage. The good news is that luggage tags are inexpensive, so pick yourself up a set that stand out.

    Razz Tagz Luggage Identifier - Set of 3 - Red

  5. Luggage handle wraps are also useful. Often luggage on the carousel ends up upside down or in an odd angle where one cannot see the luggage tags. Sure you can turn the bags around, but you can also save yourself the hassle by using a luggage handle wrap. Luggage handle wraps serve a dual purpose – they can help make gripping the luggage handle a little more comfortable and they can help you find your luggage. Luggage handle wraps are also relatively inexpensive so if you’re not looking to replace your luggage right away, consider picking up one of these handy accessories.

  7. Luggage locators are the high tech solution. The most certain way to find your luggage, even up to 60 feet away, is with a luggage locator like the ETA Luggage Locator. A small electronic receiver attaches to your suitcase while you hold a remote. The remote activates a series of beeps and flashes that show you where your luggage is. A luggage locator is also great for letting you know your luggage arrived at its destination before you even see it (a relief for those of us who have had our luggage lost in the past).


Have your own way of finding your luggage quickly? We’d love to hear about it. Comment on this post with your ideas.

Written by Shari Mathias


  1. Name Tags · 12/06/2009

    I like that luggage locator that you touched on. I have a solid brass tag that has all my necessary personal information etched into the tag. I like it quite a bit.

  2. Kelley · 01/14/2010

    These are some great ideas. I use a big ribbon in an obnoxious pattern, it definitely helps.

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