Just Landed: The eBags eTech 2.0 Collection


*Giveaway is Closed- Congratulations to Heather Bock of Davis, CA who won our eBags eTech 2.0 21” Mini Giveaway!

Super quiet wheels, jewel-tone colors, genuine YKK zippers, and a sturdier adjustable handle system…These are just a few of the amazing upgrades we’ve made to our popular eTech collection. Off course, we kept everything you have loved; adjustable shelves, thoughtful organization, and uncompromising quality.

In celebration of the new launch, we are giving one lucky winner an eBags eTech 2.0 21” Mini! To win simpy leave a comment below how you would use the signature adjustable shelves when packing. The most creative, thoughtful use will win a new carry-on! We will announce a winner on Friday, March 1st 2013. Also, you can earn extra entries by tweeting, pinning, facebooking or blogging this giveaway (please leave a separate comment below for each instance with a link to where else you’ve shared it!).

Good Luck and we can’t wait to read your comments!

*U.S.A. Residents Only

*Must be 18+ to enter

*One Entry Per Person

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Written by Tran


  1. Steve Johnston · 02/24/2013

    I am an aging boomer and lie many I lug a CPAP around with me. The shelves would be great to store the components(base, Hose and headgear, protecting them from damage and a easy find when I have to remove them going through the TSA. THey swab the CPAP fr explosive residue, so reaching in and knowing where it is would be a super assist.

  2. Steve Johnston · 02/24/2013

    I am an aging boomer and like many, I lug a CPAP around with me. The shelves would be great to store the components(base, hose and headgear), protecting them from damage and a easy find when I have to remove them going through the TSA. They swab the CPAP for explosive residue, so reaching in and knowing where it is and where to fit it back in would be a super assist.

  3. Bill Granns · 02/25/2013

    What is unique is that I work with the latest Evinrude E-TEC outboard motors and it would be so cool to use an Ebags e-Tech carry-on when I travel.

    If I win this bag my slogan could be “An eTech for an E-TEC tech.”

    The adjustable shelves are just the thing for me to protect and separate my camera equipment from the engine test equipment that I need. With the upper section zipper compartment there is room to carry a change of clothes when my work calls for a day or two out on the job.

    I really am impressed with the thought and engineering that went into creating this versatile carry-on. Good job, eBags

  4. sheryl scheid · 02/25/2013

    I’d take it to the horse shows with me so I can keep my riding clothes separate from my on-foot clothes. Great idea for when you’ve only got a short time between cleaning the stall and putting on the good stuff!

  5. Marty Siegel · 02/25/2013

    I do medical mission work have lots of bags from ebags this bag perfection for medical supplies that must be organized.

  6. Brenda Rockstroh · 02/25/2013

    After taking a trip to Texas this weekend and not having a carry on with wheels I will never do that again and this would be prefect.

  7. joe botsko · 02/25/2013

    i would give this to my nephew as a gift, so he could pack his essentials safely when he travels. essentials are six boxes of chocolate covered cherry cordials and six large bottles of vitamin water. with plenty of room left for sox and undies.

  8. Lauren P. · 02/25/2013

    I rarely travel anywhere without the kids and, being the Mom, I tend to end up lugging around a lot of the items for the kids as well as myself. So I would use the adjustable shelves to help keep my things separated from the kiddie items to make it a little easier to find things.

  9. Deb Ragno · 02/25/2013

    Love those compartments! (Actually, love the whole bag. The video is very informative.) I would use one section for our chargers for sure. Another section for meds. A third section for slippers (in bags to control any odors). Fourth and fifth sections for separating our socks and undies and then the sixth section — well, that would be a good place for some snack items for in the hotel room and little gifts for the grandkids when we return home.

  10. Christine G. · 02/25/2013

    The signature adjustable shelves are awesome! That would save the hassle of looking for different items without disorganizing what is in the bag. For example, one can have all undies, the other socks, and another can carry your electronic cords (iphone, camera, shoes, etc). Perhaps one can carry medicine, vitamins, snacks, diapers, formula, bottles, etc. This is very ideal for moms like me. This would help simplify traveling.

  11. mell · 02/25/2013

    I would use this wheeled duffle for his and hers clothing in one bag, with room for electronics, souvenirs and shopping swag from our wonderful getaways. The shelves would allow me to keep some things separate and provide an extra measure of cushioning.

  12. Christa · 02/25/2013

    I need this bag. I homeschool my four children, and we check out lots of books at the library. I always take a wheeled suitcase to carry all the books because they are too heavy to carry, but it’s just a cheapo suitcase that I got on sale at Walgreens. All the books end up in a jumbled mess like a deck of cards that has been scattered about. If I had this bag I could divide the books into two tiers, and I would have the front compartment for the laptop.

  13. manuel montoya · 02/25/2013

    Makes travel easier.

  14. Del Keller · 02/25/2013

    Love to be more organized to pack what I need when I vacation!

  15. Jenny Lin · 02/25/2013

    I can organize and separate his and hers underwears when we travel……..!!!

  16. Lisa Hurowitz · 02/25/2013

    Shelves, what a great concept now my stuff won’t be all smoshed together and I will be able to find everything and keep my dirty things separte from clean! thanks

  17. cindy c · 02/25/2013

    would love to have one of these quality bags

  18. Amber B. · 02/25/2013

    I love the adjustable shelves for keeping all of my clothes from slumping and ending up smushed together at the bottom of my bag! I need a new carry on sized bag, and this would be perfect for traveling and weekend excursions!

  19. smita · 02/25/2013

    I love this bag as it is very convenient if i am going on a vacation for a week. It is very perfect to carry things I need for my vacation.

  20. Sue Johnson · 02/25/2013

    I would be able to organize everything for a cruise in one bag!!

  21. Joan · 02/26/2013

    I always travel with too many shoes(no apologies, just an admission). The shelves in the eTech 2.0 are just perfect for protecting my investment when I travel.

  22. karen hunter · 02/26/2013

    I would use it on trips I take this year when travel and vacations

  23. Krystal R · 02/26/2013

    I’m expanding my business into more group presentations and will be traveling a lot more in doing so… always love to travel in style and this bag certainly fits that one!

  24. Joan · 02/26/2013

    A place for everything and everything in its place!
    I love it!

  25. Sadie · 03/01/2013

    I would love to use this to visit my family when I fly. I only take a carry-on and this is perfect.

  26. Dwayne Nikolaisen · 03/01/2013

    I would fill it with beer and Ice,Then roll it around behind me all day.

  27. Susan · 03/01/2013

    What a great bag! especially for someone who usually over-packs. I can use the shelf to separate what I actually use and what I don’t use, then the next trip I can just leave home whatever was in the did not use section.

  28. SHYAMA BALACHANDRA · 03/01/2013

    Great way to get organised!I would use to keep each part for each person when travelling with my family,clothes can be arranged well separately when travelling alone, If your trip has a pit stop some where in a beach or refreshing up you can keep the wet or used clothes separately,with kids think of those smelly ones!!

  29. Kimberly · 03/01/2013

    As a chronically unemployed baby boomer, I could really use a nice suitcase when traveling for interviews! I have the ebag packing cubes to keep my interview clothes organized and tidy, but would love to have the perfect suitcase to pack them in. The shelf could be used to separate interview clothes from shoes and casual wear. Perception is everything so walking into an interview with a professional, kept appearance is critical!

  30. Chelsea · 03/01/2013

    I would use this for overnight/short duration business trips. With the eBags packing cubes and the way the front rolls away, I can easily see packing the bottom with clothes and using the shelves to separate personal items from sales materials/paperwork. It is small enough to stash under a table and with the way the bag opens in front, grab out the business materials without touching my personal items. Even on same-day trips one could stash emergency extras in the bottom in a cube in case of flight delays etc. It would make these trips a breeze!

  31. GWENDOLYN · 03/01/2013


  32. Karen Wood · 03/01/2013

    Wow what a nice bag. I like to live out of a bag rather than unpack it and it would be soooo easy to do with that. Plus I hate when stuff get squished under the weight of heavier items and that wouldn’t happen as much with all the dividers.

  33. Cynthia H. · 03/01/2013

    I love the idea of the tiered shelves. I’d use them to protect the breakable souvenirs that I collect while traveling. I can keep all of my personal items under the shelf and my precious new cargo above the shelf. This looks like a great bag!

  34. Todd Williams · 03/01/2013

    Of course, organization. And yes, separation. But, my main use would be entertainment. Yes Entertainment. Tic tac toe with sock balls while waiting at airport. A place to put set my smart phone and drink while watching videos. And finally, chips and dip and dip and dip at my next social gathering.

  35. Bogan Painter · 03/01/2013

    I really like eBags branded travel bags. They put so much thought into the wants and needs of travelers. Versatility is key. One bag can serve so many different travel needs. I always overpack, so it is nice being able to keep clean clothes from dirty. Their carry-ons are the perfect size to pack everything you need while avoiding airline fees.

  36. Marlene · 03/01/2013

    Leaving for Hawaii in a couple of months, and this would be perfect for my luggage.

  37. Sue Schwan · 03/01/2013

    I love organizers and this carry on bag would be perfect for my weekend getaways. On our last vacation my husband told me he was tired of being my pack mule and I needed to find a carry on with wheels before we travel again. I do believe I have found the bag I need to purchase, but winning it would be great.

  38. "Z" · 03/01/2013

    I travel quite a bit working as a technician fixing and doing maintenance on hospital equipment. Would use this bag to keep my tools organized. I carry tools in tool rolls as well as a multimeter, soldering iron and plastic storage boxes. It would be perfect to keep these items from shifting and keeping them from getting crushed. It is a great idea to have shelves in these bags. Thank eBag!

  39. Pat · 03/01/2013

    This would be the best piece of luggage to travel with. It has sections for everything I travel with. The shelves would separate the gifts, various clothing items, hygeine items etc. Having the separate compartments would keep everything neater and easy to access. Would love to show this bag off when I travel to Spain!

  40. Rick Bryant · 03/01/2013

    I have paid for 4 bags in the last 6 years. And all have failed me within days of their arriving and use. One bag even had the wheels come off the first day on the way to the airport!! Another had the handle snap off. A lot of money for shoddy rip-offs! This one looks to be worth a shot. I might go for it. Bus trips to NYC and plane flights with this ‘just sized right’ bag and good construction would be very welcome!

  41. Rebekah Malatt · 03/01/2013

    Oh my this sounds absolutely heavenly! What a perfect way to pack and a perfect way to carry all my goodies when visiting my son who moved over 1000 miles away to Miami Beach!!! So we always have lots to take but no good way to carry them. THIS would be perfect!

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