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Congrats to Kim Jones of Hawthorne, CA!

“I’m always very reflective around Mother’s Day… more so than any other time of the year. I think about how awesome my Mom is. She has been the most consistently loving, supportive and understanding person in my life. I appreciate her more than the words in my vocabulary can describe. I thank her for her wisdom and encouragement. I thank her for listening and helping to make sense of the senseless. I thank her for making a point to be the mother she wanted to be to raise the children she wanted to raise. Even as an adult, I still want her to be proud of me. It’s still something I think about whenever I’m making moves. I wish I could do more to show her my appreciation. I try to in my own little ways. She has always and continue to inspire me to be a better me. For that, and so much more, I cannot thank her enough. I love her dearly. ♥”

Happy Monday!

Every Monday until Mother’s Day our friends at Kaboo will be giving away one of their stylish electronic handbags in honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th!

Kaboo The Tina iPad Tote

Kaboo The Tina iPad Tote

To win this weeks giveaway the Kaboo Tina iPad Tote (pictured above) simpy leave a comment below and tell us how your mom makes you feel special! The most creative, thoughtful comment will win a new Kaboo Handbag! We will announce a winner each Friday. Also, you can earn extra entries by tweeting, pinning,facebooking or blogging this giveaway (please leave a separate comment below for each instance with a link to where else you’ve shared it!).

Good Luck and we can’t wait to read your comments and make sure to stop by every Monday until Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 12th.

*U.S.A. Residents Only

*Must be 18+ to enter

*One Entry Per Person

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Written by Tran


  1. Marlene · 04/18/2013

    My mom just passed away last week and I realized now many things she did for me.

  2. Christie Klein · 04/18/2013

    My mother-in-law makes me feel special by always including me with her own daughters. She treats me just like her own. She is a very speical lady and takes care of the whole family. I am proud and very thankful to have her in life.

  3. Alison Cowart · 04/18/2013

    My mom has always made me special–whether she is just calling to say hello or having me over for dinner every week, she always tells me how much she loves me and that makes me feels very lucky, loved, and extremely special. I am so blessed to have her in my life!

  4. Amelia Perkins · 04/18/2013

    My mom makes me feel special by always supporting me- no matter what!

  5. Nikki · 04/18/2013

    My mom is always thinking about me. Even though I’m an adult, she sends me coupons in the mail and buys an extra product for me if she finds something she knows we would both like. Sometimes it’s as simple as a pack of gum, but it always makes me feel so happy to know that I am on her mind.

  6. Robyn Hermes · 04/18/2013

    My mom passed away 13 years ago and to this day I feel her love every moment because of the love she gave me when she was here. I miss her so…..I hope everyone hugs their moms as often as possible.

  7. Terrie Ash · 04/18/2013

    My mom takes care of everyone, except herself. She always makes me feel safe and she’s always there when you need someone to talk to or a shoulder to cry on. Whenever she hugs you, it makes you feel safe and nothing could ever hurt you. If you are having a bad day, her hug chases the bad things away.

  8. William Kelly · 04/18/2013

    My mother in law treats me like the son she never had. My mother in law would help anybody. Since she has colon cancer now she can not do as much as she once did, but she still does more than most people that are healthy. She would still help any one that needs help and do it with a smile on her face. My mother in law is a wonderful woman.

  9. Cindy b · 04/18/2013

    My mom drops everything when I come home like im the most important thing in the world! Makes me feel so loved n

  10. Michele Ricco · 04/18/2013

    Even though I didn’t always make the choices my mother wanted me to make, she let me make them and discover myself. As I am a parent now, I understand how terribly difficult it is to let grown children be adults and let them make their own decisions that may not make their life “perfect”. I lover her dearly even though she has been gone for 16 years now.

  11. Pat Rossi · 04/18/2013

    My Mom always made sure we learned so much. We are a true Arts & Crafts family. It has led me to have my outlets of expression.

  12. Karen Cogburn · 04/18/2013

    My mom has been my biggest supporter for 55 years. The good or bad times she knew just what to say or do. Now that she is in a nursing home it is time to repay unconditional love & support. She taught me compassion & patience which served me well all these years.

  13. illy junus · 04/18/2013

    My mom is the wings beneath my wings…she always there for me. I love so much, i miss her too, everyday. She thought my everything that i need to know as a woman, i become who i am now because her love and her guide. Love you mom…always and forever

  14. Barbara Scott · 04/18/2013

    My mom passed MANY years ago, but she always made me feel special when we would don our hats, gloves and heels and ride the bus downtown on Thursday night to go shopping because the department stores would stay open late on Thursdays. We would eat dinner out at the downtown cafeteria and I could order my favorite dessert! The entire experience was the highlight of life back in the 50’s and 60’s in the big city! Wish she had lived much longer to have enjoyed MY children and grandchildren that way!

  15. kimber michelle · 04/18/2013

    My mom is special and is always there for me especially lately when I have been thru so much. So glad she has been there to help

  16. john fink · 04/18/2013

    Mom never judges me after almost 60 years.COOL!!!!

  17. Alyssa · 04/18/2013

    My mom always reminds me that I’m special by following in her footsteps to become a nurse. It is a rewarding career, but it means so much more when those you love support you every step of the way!

  18. Missy Cook · 04/18/2013

    My mom makes me feel special by giving me unconditional, always present love. She sets the example of how to be the best daughter by helping take care of my 94, soon to be 95, year old grandmother, who is also a breast cancer survivor. My mom has been my champion, my butt kicker when I needed it, and always my strength. She was there when my kids were born, my grandkids were born, and when we lost one precious grandson to SIDS. Strength and love, and always independent! I love my mom.

  19. Amanda Casto · 04/18/2013

    My mom is the only person in my life that knows my current mood even without seeing or talking to me!

  20. Amanda Casto · 04/18/2013
  21. Amanda Casto · 04/18/2013
  22. Blanca Alonso · 04/18/2013

    Would be a nice Mother’s Day gift to myself. Been a very long time since anyone bought me something nice like this. Hope I win.

  23. Becky · 04/18/2013

    It happened after she passed away. My cousin told me how she used to brag about my great job, raising my kids alone, and how I had been successful in almost everything she saw me do. It brought tears to my eyes because she’d never told me that when she was alive.

  24. Barbie · 04/18/2013

    My mom was simply the best. I grew up in a very loving household and she made me feel loved everyday. I miss her so…..

  25. Mary Noyes · 04/18/2013

    My mom had the most loving touch when I was a child. You always knew how she felt about the person by the stroke of her hand through your hair or a gentle squeeze on the shoulder. When I got older it wasn’t as subtle, she just knew when you needed a big hug and she was always willing to give these out in abundance. She is my mom and now, my best friend.

  26. Sallie · 04/18/2013

    My mom is my best friend, my confidante, my biggest supporter, my inspiration and my pride. I have always been proud to be “Jo’Anne’s daughter”. She taught me to stand up for others, and to use my skills to help make people happy. She is my rock, and has been for 53 years. Love you mom.

  27. Kaye Newman · 04/18/2013

    My mom is a beautiful,special seventy nine years young lady.My mother had eight children and she never let one us feel like we wasan’t loved, wanted or appreicated. She raised us all by herself. I think she did a wonderful job. I may be biased but I think we are a group of very special kids and each one of us know we owe this to our Mom. If I win this I am giving it to my mom. I don’t know how many years it has been since she has had a new tote. I know this would just light her face up.

  28. margaret schumacher · 04/18/2013

    I lost my mom this past January, but she always made everyone feel special. She raised 11 children, and yet always had room for more. When someone would show up at our house, she always welcomed them with open arms, and would often put another plate on the table and encourage them to join us. she was a very special lady and is deeply missed.

  29. Jennie Reece · 04/18/2013

    My mom passed away in 2006, but every day, I am reminded of her by something; a smile, a kind word, a friendly face, or sometimes even a smell. My mother had a special way about her of making you feel important.

  30. S. Johnson · 04/18/2013

    My mom always made me feel special by taking me clothes shopping. We’d first go to the perfume counter and try out all of the perfume samples!

  31. Amy Walts · 04/18/2013

    My mother has helped me deal, physically and emotionally, from being the victim of a “distracted driver” who hit me head on. Through all the surgeries, she has cheered me on and encouraged me to recover and reinvent my life and careers after losing the use of my hand. She has believed in me and gives me hope to take life in a new direction! Priceless!

  32. H.P. · 04/18/2013

    My mother loves me and that in itself makes me feel special!!!

  33. ShellyP · 04/19/2013

    Making me feel like anything is possible and instilling that belief in her grandchildren everyday.

  34. Teri Obray · 04/19/2013

    My Mom always makes everyone feel special and her smile lights up the room. I love her so much, she just had heart surgery and a pacemaker and still stays so positive!

  35. Jennifer Dysart · 04/19/2013
  36. Lu Krett · 04/22/2013

    My Mother was 42 when I was born after she’d already raised her first family. I’m sure she wished at times to have finally an adult life to herself for the first time, but instead always went out of her way to be “Mommy” and make fun memorable holidays, birthdays, was always my “Room Mother” in school and went on all our field trips. She was annually honored on Mothers Day not just by her own children, but cards, notes, and small gifts from my entire classrooms, teachers, and friends I’ve had over the years. She passed at age 95 2 years ago and I will continue to celebrate her and her impact as legendary Mom & Grandma to any child/teenager. Happy Mother’s Day Mom <3

  37. bonnie n · 04/22/2013

    My Mom calls me every day to tell me she loves me, that is really special

  38. deb cohen · 04/23/2013

    She is always there good times and bad times

  39. kimber michelle · 05/01/2013

    Mom makes me feel safe, she is always there without judgement. Knowing this makes me feel loved and secure also.

  40. Amy Jones#8546 · 05/03/2013

    My mom is not longer with us. She still makes me feel special to this day. Her wisdom and love come thru when I need advice. It’s like she left a lil book in my memory that was left just for me. That right there makes me feel special.

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