Money Saving Travel Tips


Quick & easy travel tips to help you save money, and make your next adventure less stressful and more enjoyable!

1. Adaptors & Converters – Save money by not having to replace  fried computers or buy small electronics while traveling.
2. Luggage Scales – Before heading to the airport, ensure your checked luggage is within the weight limit and avoid extra baggage fees.
3. Lightweigh Carry-On Luggage Avoid baggage fees altogether! Pack more. Weigh less. It’s that easy.
4. 3-1-1 Containers –  Use a TSA-friendly travel bottle set, and you’ll never end up having to toss your expensive liquids at the security checkpoint.
5. Coolers – Pack a cooler stocked with your favorite snacks and drinks to save money while traveling.
6. Anti-Theft Bags – Features like slash-proof straps, zipper locks and RFID blockers safeguard your wallet, tablet, passport and more.

Written by Tran

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