My favorite spots in Los Angeles, and the accessories to get me there

Getty Center - Favorite Spots in LA Zuma Beach - Favorite Spots in LA

When people ask me if I like living in Los Angeles, I tend to tell them two things. The first being it’s a very fickle city—spread far and wide, and incredibly transitional (you can go from a block with mansions and manicured lawns to a neighborhood with hipster dive bars in a matter of three minutes). The second thing I tell them is, hey, it took me a few years to get used to this place.

Nope, it was not love at first sight, Los Angeles.

But one of the things I adore about being here is that, hands down, you can always, always find interesting things to do and there is something for everyone. It’s a city where every weekend feels like vacation. And this is my snapshot of what I consider to be a great LA weekend—and the perfect accessories that make roaming the city even better.

  1. It wouldn’t be a classic LA weekend without a trip to Zuma Beach. And to do that, you need to lug sunscreen, waters, books, snacks, towels and more along. The Magid Paper Straw Wide Stripe Beach Rope Tote is a great way to get your beach gear to the sand.
  2. An afternoon sipping wine and listening to tunes in the balmy day of Malibu is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Malibu Wines is a winery in the canyon, tucked away from traffic and city chaos. You can pack your own picnic and grab a bottle of wine (or do a full tasting) when you arrive. Bring along a picnic basket or a cooler like the Picnic Plus Playa Covertible Cooler to store your goodies.
  3. Grab a sassy clutch purse, like the Vieta Frost in red, for a night out with friends. For Jazz, check out Vibrato Jazz Grill in Bel Air, or if you want a speak easy feel, go to the Edison downtown.
  4. If you have any work to do at all—and refuse to be stuck indoors—head to the Getty Center in Brentwood. There, you can take an architectural tour of this iconic building on the hill, or just simply lounge in the gardens with a good book. The Getty Center has an amazing collection of art, and you can stay there for lunch—their onsite restaurants aren’t bad. Every now and then I head there with a good book and my laptop to just write among the flowers. You can cart your electronics in something like this Urban Junket tote. It’s not too big, easily fits a 14” laptop and you won’t feel like you just came from the library.
  5. And it wouldn’t be a weekend in Los Angeles without an exercise class. While this ful Yoga Bag is targeted to yogis, I cart it around for pilates class (we use mats, too!). It has plenty of space for water, towel and an easy change of clothes if I am not coming home after the studio.

Have you been to Los Angeles? What do you like to do when you visit?

Joanna Brinjak Furlong is the marketing manager at She loves to travel and is a self-proclaimed foodie and wine aficionado. When she’s not in the office or dreaming of her next trip, Joanna can be found hiking in Los Angeles’ hills, whipping up a homemade meal or hitting a pilates class.

Written by Joanna Furlong

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