Purses For Tweens and Teens

Purses For Tweens and TeensWe’ve created a new category in our Handbags department called Junior Handbags and that’s where you’ll find a huge selection of handbags and purses for tweens and teens. These are bags that are relatively inexpensive but still trendy and cute and made by youthful brands like Roxy, Hurley, Dakine, DC, and JanSport.

One really fun brand of purses for tweens is Rebelle By Daisy Cook. Rebelle bags are actually two bags in one. Unzip the bag into halves and share a half with your BFF. Mix and match halves for unique dual-colored looks.

Purses For Teens and Tweens Take a look at Roxy for fashionable handbags for teens. A bag like the Roxy Camden Distressed Bag is perfect because it is in line with current trends. If you’ve read our Spring 2010 Trends blog post, you’ll know that hardware is a trend carried over from fall to spring and this bag features stud detailing.

Check out some of my other favorite purses for tweens and teens below, all of which you can find in that Junior Handbags category.


Oakley Surf Tote Purse For Tweens and Teens
Oakley Surf Tote
Hurley Market Bucket Bag Purse For Teens and Tweens
Hurley Market Bucket Bag
The Public Zoo Heartbreak Canvas Tote Tween Handbag
The Public Zoo Heartbreak Canvas Tote
Mad Style Spring Crossbody Handbag For Tweens and Teens
Mad Style Spring Crossbody
DAKINE Christin Junior Handbag
DAKINE Christin
Loungefly Hello Kitty I Love Me Tote Bag For Tweens
Loungefly Hello Kitty I Love Me Tote


Written by Shari Mathias

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    Dear whoever, your panda bag is very unique and may be worth something one day. For pandas are a dying breed, you should keep it mam’
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