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When most people think of winter, they often think of snow, cold weather, and ice. Oddly enough, we really haven’t had snow here in Denver yet this year. Only the mountains. But right now people are focusing on and talking about all the rain out west, particularly in Southern California. That got us thinking about rain gear. Afterall, there are many areas of the country where winter only means rain, not snow.

Did you know we carry products designed to protect you and your belongings from rain and water? Check out some of these bags and accessories below.


UmbrellasUmbrellas: Easily the most common rain gear available, umbrellas offer protection and style. At eBags we carry a huge selection of umbrellas including fashionable styles from Galleria and Marimekko and functional and travel styles from ShedRain and Knirps. We even have a large selection of kids umbrellas perfect for smaller hands and bodies. The umbrella featured here is the Knirps Essentials Umbrella
PonchosPonchos: Another product that helps protect you from the rain is a poncho. Ponchos are perfect for travel, hiking, or even just running errands. We have several styles of ponchos available including this Travelon Unisex Poncho designed for easy packing in luggage.
Waterproof BagsWaterproof Bags: Whether you’re heading out in the rain or our on a boat, waterproof bags can be very handy items for protecting belongings from water. We offer a wide selection of waterproof electronics cases, dry bags, waterproof liners, and waterproof duffel bags like this Watershed Chattooga Waterproof Duffel which can keep gear dry even when the bag is submerged.
Sumdex Full Speed Rain Bumper BackpackSumdex Full Speed Rain Bumper Backpack-15.6″: This backpack from Sumdex does it all. It holds a laptop (up to 15.6″ but please use our Laptop Finder to ensure your computer fits). It has several pockets including a velvet lined media pocket. It’s made from lightweight water repellent polyester fabric. And is has a hidden “rain mask” at the bottom that can be pulled over the bag for protection against rain. It’s the ultimate laptop backpack for work and school especially if you live in a rainy climate.
Written by Shari Mathias

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