Travel Tip Tuesday – Family Travel


A few travel tips that will help make your family vacation go smoothly and a memorable one!

  • Pack snacks whether driving or flying, it saves money, time but it’s also something familiar and who likes a hungry kiddo anyway?
  • Less is more. For each family member, lay out all clothing and personal care items needed for the trip. Remove half before you pack the rest. Investigate packing cubes. Pack clothing, socks, underwear and personal items in packing cubes will cut wrinkles, protect clothing, and organize suitcases. Commercial organizers can be worth the cost for frequent travelers. Check them out!
  • A visit to the Dollar Store can go a long way to amuse kiddos while traveling. For maximum impact, pack small toys, books, and games separately and dole them out one at a time.
  • Download new movies and apps before you leave. Keeping everyone entertained with a special movie or new game will make time go by a lot faster for everyone!
  • Don’t Be Afraid of Downtime. We like to pack in as much as we can on a trip. We all want to get our money’s worth which is totally understandable! With a family, this is not always the best move! Sometimes spending some time around the hotel pool or in the room relaxing is just what the family needs to make the rest of the vacation go smoothly.
Written by Tran

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