Uses For Tote Bags

Uses For Tote Bags Tote bags are perhaps the most versatile bags out there, which is why most women have at least one in their closet – be it fashionable or functional.

What is it about totes that makes them so useful? A tote is basically a medium to large square double-handled bag with one main compartment. Unlike other types of bags like backpacks and satchels, totes generally have very little in the way of organization, but that’s the beauty of their design. By not having multiple interior pockets and dividers, you can carry just about anything in this bag without worrying about it fitting into individual compartments. Plus, many tote bags are not designed with any particular use in mind which means you can buy one and use it for multiple things. For example, you can buy a tote bag to use mainly for work but also occasionally for travel.

There are probably hundreds of uses for tote bags, but here are some of the most popular:

Uses For Tote Bags

  • Reusable shopping bag – an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags
  • School bag – a stylish alternative to the school backpack
  • Gym baggym totes are sporty yet stylish
  • Knitting/Crafts – carry your supplies from place to place.
  • Beach Bag/Pool Bag – stash your flip flops, sunscreen, a good book, and a towel in a tote and head for the water
  • At the Mall – don’t carry tons of individual shopping bags. Consolidate and save your arms.
  • Carry-On Bag – carry on items when you’re checking your luggage.
  • Book bag – great for trips to the library
  • Trade shows/conventions – put your company logo on a tote and carry it to your next trade show or convention. Or give them away to prospective customers. See eBags’ Corporate Sales site for trade show totes.
  • Laptop bag – put your laptop in a sleeve and carry in your tote or use a laptop tote bag with a built in sleeve.
  • Mailing Packages – carry packages to the post office in your tote
  • Picnics – Don’t have a picnic basket? Pack your picnic in a large tote bag.
  • Diaper bagdiaper totes are versatile and stylish baby bags

When purchasing a tote bag, consider what you will be using the bag for. If you’re looking for something fashionable for when you’re out shopping, a designer tote may be your best bet. However, if you want a tote bag for work that doubles as a travel bag or beach bag, look for something that is large and durable.

How do use your tote? Comment on this post and let us know your own uses for tote bags.

Written by Shari Mathias


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