What’s In Your Bag? – Date Night Essentials


Many of you ladies are getting ready to be wined and dined with Valentine’s Day down to a week away. You’ve thought about what outfit, the shoes to go with it, and the perfect bag to match, but what about what’s inside your bag?! We’ve put together a list of date night must haves to prepare you for your special night!

There are certain make-up essentials you don’t want to forgot on a date. Lip gloss and a foundation touch-up are two must haves to keep in your bag. Storing them in a cosmetic bag like this Baggallini Zip Zip Bagg keeps accidental spills from ruining the lining of your handbag. Dental floss is another must have. As much as you can try to avoid it, food will cross paths with your teeth, and it’s best to be prepared. You can’t see without a mirror, so make sure to carry a compact mirror like this Budd Leather Swarovski Crystal Round Mirror in case there isn’t one around. For after dinner dates, mints are great. Gum can be distracting for your date, and it can be a while before you realize you are still chewing it. A date isn’t the best time to break in new high heels, but if you are dying to wear them, include a stash of band aids for blisters that might pop up. And in the likelihood your date turns to you to foot half the bill, yes it can happen, be prepared with cash on hand. Finally, make a statement with your handbag. Whether you are going with a bright color or a classic bag like the Kate Spade New York Post Madison, have fun with what you are carrying!

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