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While wedding accessories are important for putting the final touches on your special day, it’s the bridal accessories like wedding handbags that are the true icing on the cake. Afterall, you spent hours, days, maybe even months picking out the perfect wedding dress. You should certainly finish off your beautiful look with the perfect bridal purse.

Even if you’re not the bride, wedding handbags are still an important piece of looking great. Bridesmaids should look for bags that complement the color of their dress – maybe even dyeable bags. Wedding guests will find evening bags to be not only useful in carrying essentials, but also lovely fashion accessories.

Use our wedding handbags buying guide to help you find the perfect bridal handbag, bridesmaid purse, or evening bag for the BIG day.

Bridal Handbags: When looking for a bridal handbag, the first thing you will want to consider is color. If you’re wearing a white dress, you’ll most likely want a white evening bag. However, you can also choose a bag that matches your accessories. For example, you might choose a silver or gold purse to match your jewelry. Be sure to think about size as well since you will need something to carry all your essentials without getting in the way.

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Bridesmaids’ Handbags: Evening bags come in all sorts of colors. Many times you can find a purse in a color that complements your bridesmaid’s dress or even matches. Other times, your dress is just that one shade of blue or pink that is hard to find and hard to match bags to. That’s when you should look into dyeable handbags from brands like Coloriffics. Aside from color, price may be a consideration when purchasing bridesmaids purses, especially if the bride is providing them to everyone in the wedding party. Look for inexpensive but beautiful options from brands like Carlo Fellini and J. Furmani.

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Other Wedding Handbags: The bride and the wedding party aren’t the only ones who need to dress for the occasion. Being a wedding guest also means you need to dress well and choose the right wedding handbag. Remember to choose something that complements your outfit but does not outshine the bride.

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